Good communications skills are what really tip the balance

"Clear, fair and smart communications" –

that is the basis for my training courses.

My trainees learn more than just techniques: because techniques are no use unless they are based on appropriate forms of behaviour. My courses target people who need to be outstanding communicators in the most demanding situations. For example:

  • Explaining complex content in a way that is clear and to the point
  • Coming across convincingly when presenting one’s ideas and results
  • Giving impressive presentations and lectures
  • Organising efficient and results-oriented discussions
  • De-escalating controversial discussions or conflicts.

Clear. Fair. Smart. This means:

  • Coming across as confident, competent and engaging
  • Speaking plainly: even in the face of criticism, complaints or downright rejection
  • Maintaining a constructive relationship
  • Avoiding misunderstanding and ensuring that work runs smoothly
  • Dealing in a professional manner with resistance and uncooperative behaviour

I propose a mix of skills and practical tools that enables my trainees to hone their communications skills and achieve that “wow!” effect.

Dr. Dorothea Driever-Fehl 

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